The Dance of Love, Spirit of Joy, Pure Grace, Creative Abundance, A Season of Miracles, Celebrating a Beautiful Life, Peaceful Moments, The Art of Kindness, Life and Love, Expressions of Hope, Joyful Creativity, Poetry in Bloom, The Sweetness of Life, Love and Light, Beautiful Reflections, and Serenity.
Sixteen beautiful yet practical coffee-table books to cherish.









» A full color, illustrative and poetic celebration of life.
» Sumptuous paintings and evocative verse to enjoy again and again.


“The inspirational theme is about living in the moment and embracing everyday as a miracle,' McCracken said.

A Season of Miracles combines whimsical paintings of flowers, butterflies, angels and doves with poetic phrases that reflect her philosophy of life.

One that I especially like is: 'Joyful giving enriches our community with infinite possibilities.' Now that's a message that characterizes a great many individuals who support and encourage fine arts in our schools, museums and nonprofit organizations.”
Camille Gavin
Arts Alive, The Bakersfield Californian


“It is undeniable that life can truly become a thing of beauty through the eyes of an artist, and fewer people are better at expressing this through their chosen mediums than Aliza McCracken. Her work has been celebrated both locally as well as throughout the world.

'It is always a joy to share my inspirational art and poetry,' McCracken said. 'My new book, A Season of Miracles, expresses life with artistic grace.'

'Love speaks to the heart of creativity. When we embrace the fine art of living, there can be miracles.”
Bakersfield Magazine

“Sweet Read - Author Aliza McCracken has come out with a new book, A Season of Miracles: Artful & Poetic Devotions, just in time for the Holidays. The book is a collection of poetic devotions and small vignettes layered with beautifully colorful drawings, each intended to enlighten, encourage, and soothe the feathers of those who need a good word in these stressful times of uncertainty and unrest.

'A Season of Miracles has special meaning to my journey,' McCracken said. 'The message is positive and encouraging. You can be assured in knowing that through every season of life, divine love and peace are with you in each sacred moment.”
Kern County Family Magazine

“A Season of Miracles is visual poetry for the soul. A palette of inspirational artistry by Aliza McCracken embraces life as a true miracle. I found the beautiful paintings and uplifting reflections to be very enlightening. Rarely does a person express the connection between art and spirituality in such an accessible way. Aliza brought forth an awareness of the infinite possibilities.”
Katherine Julian
Awareness Magazine

“Aliza McCracken has proven, once again, that she is truly an expression of divine creativity, worthy of all the honor bestowed upon masterpieces. The colors in her book, Creative Abundance: Artful Possibilities, are warm and vibrant, the artwork and writings are beautiful and inspiring. The book challenges us to create a more beautiful, better world by treating each other with authentic respect. It encourages us to humbly live our lives with the knowledge that we are God's beloved. It reminds us to celebrate our unique talents and to live lives of purpose and intention.”
Julie Hornback, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist


“Aliza McCracken brings to her work the same honesty and simplicity by which she lives. The ever-smiling, always hopeful young author I first met a dozen years ago upon the publication of her first book has shown a singular ability to infuse her spirit into both her prose and her art.

And so it is with her latest release, Celebrating a Beautiful Life: Artistic Expressions from the Heart. One need not be an art critic nor poetry connoisseur to access and appreciate the sincerity and care in which Aliza approaches her work. Each page emits both a joy and a peace, almost a daily affirmation of what life can be.

Aptly subtitled, as her prose is clearly from the heart, one gains the sense of calmness and being soothed. To use her own words, 'Angels offer feelings of love, warmth, safety, and reassurance.' By that or any other measure, Aliza McCracken is more than an artist. She is an angel.”
Mike Russo
Russo's Books

“Before coming to know Aliza as a friend, I was blessed by her rare gift of prose and art. She brings grace to all of her work, and this new creation: Celebrating a Beautiful Life, fills the heart with joy and hope. Aliza lifts the burdens of weary hearts and encourages us at a time when much of life seems uncertain. She reminds us about what matters most. Put on some soft music, get a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and relax into her gracious words and inspiring images. You won't be the same!”
Sandy Johnson
Executive Director
of Mission & Culture
San Joaquin Community Hospital

“Cultivating the art of living is a beautiful possibility. To raise consciousness, while becoming more loving, compassionate and generous beings is the essence of life. And in this artistic book, Aliza shares heartwarming expressions for the soul. It is a uniquely enlightening work of art that affirms who we are. Embrace and celebrate the treasure of one's life passion and purpose.”
Angela Miller
Awareness Magazine

“Celebrating a Beautiful Life is Aliza McCracken's latest publication. A nicely formatted paperback, it is a pleasing blend of drawings--mainly angels and butterflies--and inspirational thoughts that express her philosophy of life in simple, uncomplicated prose. One phrase in particular speaks to me: 'The fine arts play a valuable role toward living in peace, joy and abundance.' I couldn't agree more.”
Camille Gavin
Arts Alive Columnist
The Bakersfield Californian

“They make great gifts for yourself or someone special.”
Santa Barbara Family Life

“In Aliza's enchanting books of art and poetry, including 'Spirit of Joy' and 'Creative Abundance,' you can feel the joy of the season.”
Edward Gilbreath
Today's Christian: People of Faith

“Aliza's artistry represents the perfect balance of spirit and expression, of the way inner and outer beauty combine to form radiance. And that's why she's so inspiring. What makes her beautiful is what makes her human. ”
Amber Young
Arts Forum

“In the world of art, Aliza is the exception: always kind and gracious to everyone. Through Creative Abundance, she engages the heart of humanity, encouraging us to live our highest expectations. ”
Michael J. Freeman

“Aliza is a splendid ambassador of God's light and love. It is rare to encounter a soul such as hers who expresses these sentiments so beautifully. What a wonder! What beauty! What selflessness! To devote an entire book to one simple message: LOVE.”
Reed Cohen
CBS News

Spirit of Joy encapsulates the reason why Aliza McCracken is one of the most beloved and respected artists in the world.”
Diane B. Hopkins
Arts Forum

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