A B O U T   A L I Z A   M C C R A C K E N

The epitome of grace and elegance, Aliza McCracken redefines the word, "artist."

As a Vietnamese orphan, Aliza was adopted by an American family and raised in New York. She began painting when she was 4 years old and developed into a professional artist by the time she was 15.

Aliza attended the Purchase School of Performing Arts in New York then transferred to University of California at Santa Barbara where she graduated with a degree in Fine Art and a certificate in Visual Communications. She relocated to Bakersfield and currently devotes herself toward enriching the quality of lives through arts and inspiration.

Aliza's genuine spirit is reflected in her multiple contributions as a painter, graphic designer, arts advocate, dancer, poet, and friend. Combining vibrant artistry with universal themes of love, hope, and faith, she brings a refreshing and contemporary vision to the fine arts.

From Hong Kong to Hollywood, Aliza's art has graced thousands of collectors' walls adding to the high demand of her work and bringing great joy to many people's lives. Proceeds benefit numerous charities worldwide.

As the author of seven award-winning books: The Dance of Love, Spirit of Joy, Pure Grace, Celebrating a Beautiful Life, A Season of Miracles, Creative Abundance, and Peaceful Moments, Aliza displays her unique virtuosity as an artist and poet while celebrating her passion for life.

Aliza is the recipient of countless prestigious honors including the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, Artdex International Award, Arts Council Award, SOHO International Award, Art Addiction International Award, United States Congressional Award, Living Legends Award, International Woman of the Year Award and Who's Who in the 21st Century Award.

Currently, Aliza is the Principal Artist of Aliza McCracken Contemporary Art, an international studio specializing in distinctive art for corporate and residential space.

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